Reducing Pain by Creating Changes in Perceived Size and Shape of the Pain

This is another technique for reducing pain that involves changing the way the brain experiences the pain rather than distracting the brain from the pain. It seems to work best for neuropathic pain or chronic pain rather than acute pain.  In this technique we focus on how the perceived location and extent of the pain can vary with the intention of having our brain reduce the  size of the area that is feeling the pain, and perhaps moving it out of the body altogether. Over time our brain can become more skilled at reducing the extent of the pain and reducing the intensity.



  • This technique requires you to be rather alert, so sedating medications can make it harder.
  • This technique can be combined with other techniques for relieving pain
  • The technique can be difficult for some people and definitely improves with practice.
  • Play with it a bit and stop if you feel like you are straining.
  • Practice for short periods of time several times per day to improve your skill.
  • Some people don’t like this technique. If you happen to be one of them then simply use a different technique. 

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