Enjoying the Breath Audio Track

This audio track will help you shift your attention to the sensations of breathing as something to enjoy. This is an important part of using the breath to recover from stress.


  1. Notice that you are breathing.
  2. Notice that there are sensations associated with breathing that feel comfortable.
  3. Enjoy those sensations.

Its that simple.

If you can’t feel any comfort associated with breathing, then simply hold your breath for 30 seconds or so. Then you will be able to experience comfort when you start breathing again.

For those who like more detailed instructions:

  1. Breathe out gently and enjoy the sensations of exhaling.
  2. At some point it will feel good to stop exhaling.
  3. Stop exhaling.
  4. Breathe in and enjoy the sensations of inhaling.
  5. At some point it will feel good to stop inhaling.
  6. Stop inhaling.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6  for several minutes.

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