A Simple Solution

When I was in Sunday school I learned a simple rule called the Golden Rule. We might also call this God’s law. This rule is:

“Treat others the way you would want them to treat you.”

Unfortunately, too much of American culture is dominated by a different rule, a rule that is a complete perversion of God’s law. This perverted rule, which might be called the Self-Righteous Rule, or Satan’s law, is:

“Treat others the way you think they deserve to be treated.”

According to this rule it doesn’t matter how badly you mistreat others as long as you can justify your actions to yourself. When this perverted rule becomes the guide for the behavior of individuals, organizations, and institutions we get pervasive dysfunction.

So the solution for fixing society is quite simple. We all need to follow God’s law more. We also need to stop voting for or supporting people and organizations that don’t.