What is Contemplative Action

Several spiritual traditions discuss the necessity to develop both contemplation and action. In my experience, contemplation, the process of thinking broadly and deeply, must not be separate from action. One does not act then contemplate. Doing so risks acting thoughtlessly. Neither does one contemplate then act. Doing so creates too long a delay when action is necessary. Rather the mind must develop the ability to be contemplative while acting. The contemplative process informs and guides the action, and the results from the activity inform and guide the contemplative process.

Using contemplative action we can have powerful healing effects on our body and mind. We can improve our performance in intellectual, artistic, athletic and work endeavors and focus our efforts on what is meaningful. We can deepen our relationships with partners, children, and friends becoming a source of wisdom to our community. Finally we can cultivate a spiritual sense, an ongoing experience of a presence that transcends our ego, and frees us from our judgments and our self-importance.

I created this site as a resource for those who want to develop these skills and apply them in their lives. The material here comes from over 40 years of personal practice and almost 30 years of teaching others. The amount of material I have collected is large and I will be working to put it up in a form that is accessible. Since I am building out this site while working and teaching full-time, the material may accumulate slowly. I appreciate your patience.

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