Disengaging from Repetitive Thoughts, Especially About Comfort Food

This is a somewhat extended meditation technique that goes into a bit of detail about a method for training the mind to be able to disengage from repetitive or irritating thoughts. The particular focus in the meditation is to help disengage from thoughts about comfort food.

The technique is may not be helpful for dealing with thoughts about using drugs or alcohol. It will not be helpful for dealing with physical cravings. Those require different techniques.

The key to this method is that instead of trying to stop the thoughts or avoid them we practice disengaging from them. Repetitive thoughts are somewhat sticky. Our attention gets stuck in them. This method improves our ability to unstick our attention. To train that ability we use the breath as an anchor to move our attention to. Then we deliberately shift our attention to the irritating, repetitive thoughts. We allow ourselves to get stuck so we can practice slipping away. It is like practicing an escape move in martial arts. We allow our opponent to grab us so we can practice slipping away.

As we get more skillful at disengaging from thoughts we do not have to fear our thoughts or avoid thoughts so much. We can simply slip our attention away from them, and focus our attention on something useful, whether that is sensations, ideas, or more helpful thoughts.

Remember, not every meditation technique will work for everyone. If this technique is not helpful, then simply find a different one for now. You can always try it again some other time.

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