Divine Light Prayer – Description and Short Audio Track

This was the favorite meditation of the students in the class I led for 10 years.  I made a audio track of it for people I know who are working  to help those who are suffering as it can provide a lot of spiritual support. The track is short so you can use it easily during the day. If you loop the track make sure to take some big breaths and stretch when you finish listening to get fully alert. Also do not use it while operating machinery.



The purpose of the words is to help you center your attention on the presence of Divine Light and develop a relationship with that presence. They are not to be repeated mindlessly.

  • I am created by Divine Light
  • I am sustained by Divine Light
  • I am protected by Divine Light
  • I am surrounded by Divine Light
  • I am one with Divine Light

If you are praying for others you can use “We are” instead of “I am”

You can also vary the words so they resonate with the presence that you are experiencing.  For example:

  • I am cared for by Divine Light
  • I am strengthened by Divine Light
  • I am comforted by Divine Light
  • I am living with Divine Light
  • I am guided by Divine Light
  • I am radiating  Divine LIght
  • I am becoming Divine Light

Remember, the intention is to develop your relationship with Divine Light. As that relationship grows and deepens it becomes more alive and more constant.


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