About Joseph Arpaia

I suppose most people hate having to type up bios so I’m not unusual in that regard. It seems quite daunting to put up something that a couple of billion people can look at. What is there to say?  “I’m not as stupid as I look,” seems reasonable, but then I don’t have a picture of myself on the site so there is no reference for that statement.

Regarding meditation, I have been practicing for 40+ years in both Christian and Buddhist traditions. I have integrated meditation techniques into my medical work as a psychiatrist for over 20. I enjoy teaching people how to explore their mind, develop their mental abilities, and then use those abilities to help themselves and others.

My formal education consists of a degree in chemistry from CalTech, and a medical degree from UC Irvine. I have specialty certification in psychiatry and addiction medicine. I am in solo practice and teach a seminar at the University of Oregon on meditation and psychotherapy.


Contemplation Health Performance Relationships Spirituality

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