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Letter About Drones

I send email messages to my congressional representative and senators. After the news I saw today I am making this one public.


I was horrified to read that the drone strike in Afghanistan that was supposed to stop a terrorist attack actually killed an innocent family, an aid worker no less. 

Drone strikes that kill innocent people are immoral. The feeble justification that we thought we were blowing up people who were terrorists is unacceptable. Americans would have issues with a police department that bombed a house because they mistakenly thought a suspect was hiding in it. For a nation that claims to be “under God” I’m sure God has some strong, and negative, opinions about the use of such weapons.

Aside from the immorality has anyone thought about the blowback from killing innocent people? Americans felt justified in retaliating with force when innocent Americans were killed. Well, don’t other nationals? That strike probably recruited ten times as many people for Al Queda or whoever is over there. Any incident like this fuels a hatred of our country that outweighs any military benefit. 

Drone warfare against terrorists is immoral and stupid. I don’t want my tax dollars used for it so I am requesting that you and other Congresspeople find a way to cut the funding for such programs.

Thank you,

Joseph Arpaia, MD