Duck Duck Go

I have had a number of patients report significant unease and even anxiety about how much they are tracked on line. Here is an article about a search engine, Duck Duck Go, that does not track you.

Wired Magazine Article on Duck Duck Go

Years ago I set my browser to use Duck Duck Go as my search engine. It seems to work well enough.  If you are feeling uneasy about being tracked by Google then this might be worth trying.

To change the defaul search engine you use in Safari on the Mac:

  • go to Safari –> Preferences
  • –> Search (the magnifying glass icon)
  • –> select Duck Duck Go from the drop down menu

To change the search engine for a single search  in Safari tap the small magnifying glass icon in the far left of the search field to bring up a list of search engines you can use.

In iOS

  • go to Settings
  • scroll down to Safari and tap that
  • tap Search Enging
  • select Duck Duck Go as the search engine